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Blog Posts That I Haven’t Published…

October 14, 2016

Looking over my site, I realized that I have a small treasure trove of blog posts that I haven’t published. Mostly this is because my wife advised me not to. However, that doesn’t stop my from posting the titles of said blog posts and giving you, the reader, a taste of what I want to write. So in no particular order, here are the posts that for whatever reason, I have not posted- yet.

  1. Living with Foreigners: Part 5 – Cops Can Be Racist but Don’t Give Them a Reason
  2. It Must Be Nice to Be a Famous Actor
  3. The Annual Christmakawanzaramadanikauh and/or Non-faith Based Holiday for Dictators Gala
  4. Things I Think My African Wife Might Be Discussing with Her Parents in Another Language
  5. Some Tips on Buying a House…
  6. I Don’t Trust People that Drive Vans without Windows
  7. One Reason the Internet is Shitty
  8. Don’t Question the Douche-O-Meter
  9. Some Reasons I Will Probably Never Drive a Motorcycle…
  10. Fuck “Meets Expectations” Yearly Job Reviews

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