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Owning a Home…

November 5, 2016

A few loyal followers may remember that several years ago I wrote a blog entry about how I was fed up with apartment living. Since that time, my wife and I have purchased a home in the suburbs. And while I thought that it was going to be so much better, I have learned that owning a home is not quite the maintenance-free living that I thought it was going to be. Below is a list of an almost exhaustive list of everything that I have either done myself or paid someone to do on our house since buying it 4 years ago:


  • Replaced all the exterior porch lights
  • Completely re-mulched the front and side flower beds three times
  • Replanted the flower beds in front of the house two times.
  • Paid to have the asphalt driveway resealed two times
  • Replaced multiple broken boards on our fence as well as re-tighten with either nails or screws any loose boards
  • Removed approximately 5 stumps from the backyard
  • Reclaimed and reseeded about 1800 square feet of lawn
  • Paid TruGreen to aerate and reseed our entire lawn
  • Removed a derelict swing set from the backyard
  • Pressure-washed the front and sides of the house
  • Replaced the hose bib on the outside hose spigot
  • Repainted the porch railings and pillars
  • Dug out and replaced the mailbox
  • Painted the exterior doors
  • Mowed the lawn,weed-whacked, and trimmed the shrubs on the entire property dozens of times
  • Added solar lights to the flowerbeds twice
  • Pressure-washed the back patio
  • Had the gutter lines to the street snaked
  • Changed the outdoor locks twice
  • Replaced the back patio screen door
  • Had the coaxial cable replaced from the service box to our house
  • Painted the patio steps
  • Replaced the roof


  • Replaced all the hall and bathroom light fixtures
  • Added overhead lights to 3 bedroom fans
  • Replaced the sump pump
  • Bought a new washer and dryer
  • Repainted 3 bedrooms, the kitchen, the half bath, and the family room
  • Painted the entrance way accent wall 
  • Fixed the shower door in the master bedroom as it was not sliding properly
  • Repaired the master shower faucet stem
  • Caulked the master shower twice
  • Had the garage door opener fixed once and then eventually replaced
  • Paid to have the carpets professionally cleaned
  • Replaced a heating element in the oven
  • Fixed the kitchen faucet
  • Installed a new tub faucet in the guest bathroom
  • Rehung one closet door
  • Paid to have the furnace fixed
  • Had the air conditioner repaired after our thermostat melted
  • Added bamboo flooring to the dining and living rooms
  • Installed new thermostats twice
  • Re-plumbed the entire half bathroom toilet
  • Replaced the toilet-paper holder and sink tower rack in the half bath
  • Changed the chandelier in the dining room


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