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Where’s there an ATM goddammit?

November 5, 2016

According to my employer’s social media policy, I am duty bound to tell you that I work for J.P. Morgan Chase. (And yes, they have one of those.)

In any event, I don’t think that fact alone really has any bearing on the below. Whether I am an employee or a customer, I am still pissed off that Chase doesn’t have any ATM’s or branches in Pennsylvania.

You would think that one of the largest banks in the country, if not the world, would have a presence in the 6th most populous state in the U.S. but then you would be mistaken.

This was made readily apparent when I visited some friends a few weeks back and quickly realized that I was not prepared to find myself in a virtual Chase-free desert. Here is a link to their ATM locator for Pennsylvania. You will notice that the all the locations it lists are not actually in PA. My options are limited to Delaware, New York and Ohio. And as it so aptly advises you:

“No results within 50 miles of “Pennsylvania.”

The search was expanded to 250 miles.

Now I have no special knowledge because I work for Chase that gives me any indication of why there are no Chase branches or ATM’s in Pennsylvania. After a little bit of internet research though it seems that their may be a few reasons that Chase hasn’t expanded their footprint into the Keystone State.

Historically, J.P. Morgan Chase has expanded into new states by acquiring smaller regional banks that are already chartered in those states instead of applying for a license in a new state altogether. Here is one former employee’s take on this.

I would also imagine that the competition to enter a new market must also play a part in their decision as well. Pennsylvania is already heavily saturated with banks including PNC and Wells Fargo so it would probably difficult to enter the market faced with stiff competition.

Or perhaps there is a third reason. Maybe Jamie Dimon secretly hates all Pennsylvanians or just the Steelers or something like that. I guess we’ll never fully know.

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