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Some Things Happening in the News that I Found Interesting

December 3, 2017

I decided that I would break with my normal routine today and write a non-sequential blog about some things that are happening around the world that I think are interesting and noteworthy that all loosely deal with space. Don’t worry, I’ll still finish up my Thanksgiving series before Christmas- probably.

  1. The United States is precipitously close to an all-out war with North Korea because two megalomaniacs have decided to have a pissing contest. Some experts theorize that North Korea has missiles that could possibly hit Hawaii in 20 minutes or even possibly strike the U.S. mainland itself. We should be a lot more concerned about this political situation than we are.
  2. Some dude is attempting to launch himself 1800 feet into the sky on a homemade steam-powered rocket that he built out of spare parts to prove that the Earth is actually flat. I love the description of one of the photos that states Mike Hughes is a “daredevil and limousine driver“. Just imagine the conversations that you could have with that guy as he’s driving you around downtown in a fancy limo. And you thought Uber drivers were interesting people to talk to.
  3. A startup company in Japan is trying to create artificial meteors- mostly for entertainment. The basic premise is to launch a satellite into orbit that will be able to launch pellets made of different metals into the lower atmosphere where they will burn up from fiction and create dazzling artificial multicolored shooting stars. Sure, there are some drawbacks, like it has the potential to cause a chain-reaction of collisions in space which could probably wipe out GPS and communication satellites, but you would have one hell of a party to remember.
  4. Lastly, we are in the midst of some unique lunar events. Namely, starting today, we have the opportunity to witness a “supermoon trilogy” over the next couple of months. Basically the full moons for the next three months will look slightly bigger and be slightly brighter. Not like huge and super bright, but a little bit of a difference “that is barely perceptible to the human eye.” So news flash: It doesn’t really look that different. But take some time over the next couple of months and check out the moon anyways. It’s still kind of cool- even if it is over-hyped.

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