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About Me and This Site

I’m a bald 29 31 35 year old uncle currently living in Ohio. I also like to drink a lot. Drunk + Uncle = Drunkle. I currently have 6 7  a hell of a lot of beautiful nieces and nephews.

I’m gainfully employed in the IT field working for a major national corporation. I am mostly happy with my job. Did I mention I drink a lot? Sometimes heavily?

At the risk of starting to sound like a cheesy online Craigslist personal advertisement, I am currently married and living with my beautiful wife. She is still not for sale.

I have aspirations of grandeur, fame and fortune. This is why I am trying my hand at blogging (actually this is just a temporary thing until Eva Mendes decides she is looking for a witty, short, balding man for her latest boy toy. And for all you moral right-wingers that are questioning how this would all work out with me being married and all, my wife and I have discussed it and she has made a binding verbal contract with me that “if and when, Eva Mendes approaches you and verbally propositions you for sexual purposes, you are unconditionally allowed to engage in such sexual activities with her as allowed by law and God.”) Whew! That was a long aside.

And now for those of you still be reading this, a brief description of why I’m writing this blog: Dun Dun Dun…

I want to write about things I read, watch and think about. I may also include stories about my life. I drink a lot. Also, I’m an uncle.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I am computor illiterate, so I thought Get Support meant support for your mental and drinking problems, however, it seems it’s help for me. You are very funny and clever, however you need to reach a bigger audience, go professional.

    • Thanks Mom.

      • Older Brother permalink

        I knew Mom loved you more! ….and after all I’ve done for her….must be nice to sit around, drink and read all day…

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