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The Reviews

So I have decided that I will start prematurely posting some made-up imaginary reviews for my blog, future books and movies in this section of my website. I may also include actual reviews of real movies or books here in the future as well, if I feel like it that is…

“I watched the movie 123 times and it makes Inception look simple by comparison. I’ve even made diagrams and graphs and I’m still only on the 24th layer. Where does it all end?”

~ A man waiting at the bus station, conversing with a stop sign

“I’m an Atheist and this book made me question if there really is a God. Or it could have been that laughing gas the dentist gave me. Either way, the experience was life-changing.”

~ Co-worker

“Historians are already debating the significance of the book and it hasn’t even been published yet. Rumors continue to circulate that the publication delays are due to the reclusive author’s bizarre stipulation that the entire book be printed with crayons.”

~ A late night AM radio talk show host

“The blog post was perfect, almost too perfect, if you know what I mean.”

~  An imaginary, hard-boiled private eye in a gritty film noir adaptation of the author’s best-selling novel

  1. Famus litterary kritik permalink

    This wiriter will go places
    I think he is right up there with Saroyan and Odgden Nash
    He has a unique and perceptive view of the human condition,
    Sometimes these blogs are boring but not this one.

    Like the graphics especialy
    Learned his somewhat sarcastic style from life expericence
    Understands people well, he would do well a working in a bank
    But he is probalbly intelligent enough to read between the lines

  2. anonagain permalink

    Now that the government is warning of zombie attack with its latest video, i sense
    the fear that is now spreading. and oh someones knocking at the door it s dark and the porch light is not working (never did ) and it is a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • You posted this comment almost over a year ago and I’m still waiting for the rest. I thought you fell asleep on your keyboard and your cheek was just mashing the letter “a” repeatedly. However, I’m starting to get a little worried as you never finished. It’s a what? A unicorn? a violent chimpanzee? Or maybe it’s just Miss A from the Letter People. Please keep me updated.

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